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Academic Activities - AA

The Academic Activities (AA) are one of the main pillar of the ELSA groups in Germany, as those events rather easily can be organised in terms of time and effort. That’s the reason why these events are mainly organised at law faculties. Typical for this Key Area is that the Vice President for AA can choose between a lot of different projects. Current judicial topics or disputed issues concerning students again and again, shall be approached and discussed to reach a certain level of understanding. Besides that, the awareness for other judical systems shall be enhanced as well as the motivation for law students to their own academic work.

That’s also why ELSA supports legal education. Especially for first-year students AA is a good opportunity to lower the burden of the “beginners” to get in touch with law and to show them a different approach of disputed topics during their studies.

Within the last years there were a lot of different projects and events developed in the area AA.